Where has m.racingpost.com gone?


We regret to inform you that m.racingpost.com is closing. The site will close permanently on Tuesday, February 7, with users being redirected to our new-look racingpost.com.

We know that frequent users of the site will be disappointed and will want to know how they can access the valuable information they have become accustomed to.

Our new-look website is responsive: whether you’re on mobile, tablet or desktop you can access all our content in a format to suit your device. With this in mind, we decided m.racingpost.com was no longer required.

We’ve made sure the most popular features of m.racingpost.com are on our new site, which will eventually replace the existing racingpost.com. One notable absentee is the ability to place multiple bets using the betslip, but we are working on this functionality and hope to add it soon.

If you use an Apple or Android smartphone you can download the Racing Post app and access a range of additional features, including the ability to place multiple bets.

Download the app.

Try the new-look racingpost.com

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