New site release 31.05.2017


Since the launch of the new-look Racing Post website, we’ve continued to make a number of fixes and improvements.

Our latest release of updates have improved many areas of the site, including cards, statistics, horse profiles and more.

Below is a list of the latest updates that we hope you’ll enjoy.

  • All forfeit stages for big-race entries now added.
  • Horse that have been declared overnight have now been added to the race footer.
  • Stalls information is now showing when using the all-races view for a specific meeting within the all-cards page.
  • Headgear equipment information now added to six-race form view when using racecards.
  • Hover-overs on desktop have now been added to show course details. When you hover-over a racecourse name with the six-race form showing on the card, you will get information about the course i.e. left-handed galloping track
  • Hover-overs on desktop have now been added to the six-race form on cards. When you hover over the race date on the form line, you get details on the race title.
  • Horse Tracker - issue of error message ‘Note hasn’t saved’ displaying when a note has been saved has now been fixed.
  • Previously, when using pro card features such as Topspeed and postdata, users were unable to link straight through to horse profiles from those sections. This has now been resolved.
  • Trainer 1st time, jockey, Group 1 entry and other information has now been added to Postdata feature within procard
  • Penalty details i.e. 7ex now showing on on At-a-glance card view.
  • Race conditions now updated to display ratings bands i.e. (0-100).
  • Worldwide Group 1 and Grade 1 statistics were previously missing from the old website. These will now show on the new-look Racing Post website.
  • Page scrolling has now been improved when using a tablet device such as iPad.
  • Corrections to winnings and earnings data within horse profiles.
  • Gross IRE prize-money now added to horse profile pages. This is now consistent with all profile pages across the site.
  • Void race results removed from profile statistics giving a true reflection of a horse's form.
  • Master Ratings column now added to full result view.
  • Missing Sire statistics from 2007 have now been added.
  • GB jumps statistics from 2011-12 are now available within statistics.
  • Jumps data for 2017/18 to be added to statistics
  • Prize-money threshold now reduced so lower class races included on profile pages.


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