For the first time in our history users can now access daily content from the newspaper on News, features and columnists are now published online the night before publication in the newspaper.  

In a major change to our publishing, we are embracing the digital-first age by delivering news and features to you as and when they happen. Our news desk, team of journalists and reporters will work through the day to break news, publish previews, reports, features and reviews.  

Our online content has now been divided into six main sections - News, Tipping, Features, Bloodstock, Sport and Raceday live.

Raceday Live is also available on the individual card pages, updated throughout the day with betting and other information to help you stay on top of the action.


What’s New

Daily content from the newspaper is now published online responsively, including all news, features and columnists, full tipping content, bloodstock, sport and RP Sunday. This means you can view the news on wherever you go. Our fully responsive website has been designed to operate on any device - whether you are on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Although much of our news content is free, many key articles and features are restricted and only available to Members' Club subscribers. The Members’ Club badge logo highlights premium content and you will need to join Members’ Club Ultimate in order to read those articles.


What have we moved

On the previous website the media centre was located on the homepage. This has now been moved to within the news section. You may need to click the button ‘show more’ to be able to view it. You will then find Racing Post videos, postcasts and more.  


What’s improved

News articles and features you wish to read are now easier to find by using the various sections within the navigation menu on the news homepage.

Popular categories such as RP Sunday and Comment can be found as a sub-section of news.



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