Paddy Power bookmaker Pricewise policy


With many bookmakers now running 24-hour operations, not all firms guarantee the prices that feature in Pricewise in the Racing Post. The following is the current policy of Paddy Power:

"The landscape has changed a lot as unlike the early days of Pricewise when we used to fax our prices across and wait until the next day to see what would happen, we now have almost all races priced up and traded overnight.

"A combination of the many factors that can affect these prices such as changing weather conditions and the fact Tom's tips are released at 8pm means it doesn't make much sense to put up out of date prices for a five-minute period the following morning.  We'll continue to be ultra competitive on the Pricewise selections."

The Bookmaker Policy section contains the current policy of  firms who appear in Racing Post Pricewise tables

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