Racing Post Digital Newspaper - FAQS


How do I view the Digital Newspaper?

You can view the digital newspaper using your mobile phone, tablet or web browser. For the best experience we recommend you download the Racing Post Digital Newspaper app for your preferred device.


How do I download the App or use the web browser version?

1.You need to have an active Racing Post Members’ Club Ultimate subscription. Not a member? Join now here.

2.Your Newspaper operates via a separate App which is downloaded to your device, i.e your iPad, iPhone, and other Android smartphones and tablets. Log in using your existing Members’ Club Ultimate username and password.

Download for IOS/Apple here
Download for Android here
Use on web browser here


When will the Newspaper be available to view?

Your Newspaper is available each evening at around 9pm. You can view this online (with WiFi access, 4G or 3G) or download to your device using the dedicated app. Note: the Download edition is not available on the web browser. A second edition is sent with any late pages at around 10pm.


What is the archive and how do I use it?

Racing Post Digital Newspaper has an archive of the last 30 editions, always available if you are online. However, if you are downloading the editions daily you can use the auto clear function. This will remove editions after a 3, 7 or 30-day (default) period. Use the settings function and clear cache or set auto clear interval.


What is the search function and how do I use it?

The search function allows users to find information they want quickly and easily. Type your keyword/s in the search bar. Any pages from the last 30 editions that feature that keyword/s will be then available to view. Note: Search is available for the current edition circa five hours after publication.


What is the sections feature and how do I use it?

The sections feature allows users to quickly locate the day’s racecards and more without having to swipe through each page of the paper. Use the menu section followed by sections to use this functionality.


How do I access the other Racing Post weekly titles?

The Racing & Football Outlook is available each Monday evening at around 9pm, The Weekender is available each Tuesday evening at around 9pm. These additional titles can be viewed the same way as the daily Racing Post edition. Click on the top tab to open each respective title.

I’ve seen that the Racing Post publish supplements, can I access these on the Digital Newspaper?  All supplements such as the Grand National ante-post special will be accessible on your Digital Newspaper app or web browser. Select supplements from the menu to find your required supplement.


Can I upgrade my subscription from Essential to Ultimate and download the Digital Newspaper? 

Yes, to upgrade your subscription sign in and go to My Account. Select the Subscriptions tab to view available upgrade options. 
Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services team at (Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm).


I've forgot my login details, how can I retrieve them? 

You need to use your Members' Club Ultimate username and password to login in to the Digital Newspaper app or web browser. 


Can I view the digital newspaper immediately after subscribing to Members' Club Ultimate? 

We recommend customers download the specific digital newspaper app for their preferred device immediately after becoming a new subscriber. However, logging on to the app and downloading an edition can take around an hour from subscription. 

Your username is the email address you used during the sign up process. Can't remember your password? Click here to reset your password. 


Why are some pages blank when I try to view them?

Sometimes the App will start generating the download edition, rather than the 'read now' online version, before all pages have been created. Usually this will be pages carrying late evening results, breaking news or late news stories, for example the day after the Grand National.  The App will automatically create a blank page with Placeholder page over it. In order to see the page, you can delete the app and either read it in read now' online mode, or try downloading the edition again. But you must first delete the original download edition. To do this, open the edition, open the three line burger bar, click on Downloads and click on the delete button.


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