William Hill Time-Out

- A time out lets you take a short break from betting with William Hill.

- You can use the time out tool to set a time out of up to six (6) weeks if you're a UK customer, or 30 days if you're a non-UK customer. Or, if you wish to request a time out for a longer period please contact Customer Services. UK residents can request up to a maximum of six (6) weeks, and non-UK residents can request up to a maximum of six (6) months.

- Open bets will remain active and balances remain on your account.

- You may wish to withdraw funds from your account before starting your time out. If you wish to withdraw funds during your time out, you'll need to contact Customer Services.

- Within 48 hours of starting your time out, William Hill will remove you from their marketing distribution lists for the duration of your time out. William Hill strongly recommend that if you request a time out, you also uninstall any mobile gambling apps, and request a parallel time out from any gambling accounts you have with other betting companies.

- When your time out ends, your account will automatically re-open and you'll be able to login.

Click here to begin a Time-Out or find out more

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