Coral Self Exclusion

- Self-exclusion involves a joint commitment from the customer and Coral. Coral will take reasonable steps to stop the customer from re-opening their account or opening new accounts.

- During the period of self-exclusion, the customer must not attempt to re-open their account nor try to open new accounts.

- Self-exclusion periods have a minimum duration of six months. The maximum length of the self-exclusion can be set to last up to five years. This can be extended if the customer chooses to do so.

- During a time-out/cool-off or self-exclusion period, customers will not be able to deposit funds or play. They will also be excluded from commercial communication from Coral.

- In addition to self-exclusion, access to gambling sites can be blocked with Gamban. Parental control software like Cybersitter and NetNanny can also be used to block access to gambling sites.

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