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Tote support safer gambling

Tote encourage a socially responsible attitude within the betting and gaming industry and within their own organisation.

Their goal is to help their customers gain maximum enjoyment from their betting. Whilst for most customers gambling is an enjoyable leisure activity, Tote realise that some people’s gambling can get out of control, cease to become enjoyable and lead to financial difficulties. If any of their customers develop gambling problems and feel like they are losing control, Tote will help them get the support they need.

Furthermore, Tote are committed to protecting children from being harmed or exploited by gambling and they employ robust age verification procedures.

To help you manage your gambling, Tote offer a range of advice and account options that allows you to stay in control of the time and money you spend gambling. They are also committed to developing the most advanced betting tools to improve every part of the Tote gambling experience. Their highly trained and dedicated customer care team is available 08:00 am to 10:00 pm, 7-days a week, to assist on dealing with any problem gambling issues or assist if you feel like you’re losing control. If you would like to talk to someone at Tote about problem gambling, please contact them.

There are also a number of independent problem gambling support services who offer a range of contact methods together with free and confidential advice.

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