Stable Tours Entries


Stable Tours Entries can be found by clicking Cards in the main menu and then selecting the Stable Tours Entries tab.

A list of today's runners will be displayed with live odds, trainer and race details. Use the arrows next to each runner to open or close comments, and click the odds button to bet directly through the page.

Clicking the horse name will open its profile page and clicking on the race will take you through to the card.

To improve the user experience, we’ve removed duplicate rows of horse names and combined quotes into one block.


Click on the 'Stable Tours Entries' tab to show a list of today's runners. Each runner will be displayed along with trainer, race information and live odds. Use the arrows next to each runner to either open or close the comments. As previously, you can still bet directly through the page by clicking the odds button.


You can also click on the horse name to open its profile page, or click on the race to go through to the card.

We’ve made improvements by removing any duplicate rows of horse names by combining quotes into one block.




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