We know how important cards are to you. With that in mind, we have purposely aimed to minimise change and disruption while maximising the user experience across devices - giving you the best design and delivery of the card and its contents across mobile, tablet and desktop.

What's new

Tips. We now feature the total number of tips for any horse on the cards. These are taken from the popular selection box.

First and Second run for a trainer. We now indicate a horse’s first or second run for a trainer with a small 1 or 2 to the left of the trainer’s name on the card.

Latest shows/price changes are now listed under every runner on the cards. You can choose to show or hide these in Settings.

Live is a new tab on cards. By adding this fantastic feature from our mobile apps to the site, you can now access our Raceday Live service.

Pro Card allows you to view all premium Members’ Club content relating to that race within the card and in the accordion below it. You can also customise your card further in Settings.

Predictor. You’ll see a link to this on each racecard. Simply click Predictor to activate it for that race.

Newspaper Form. Previously named PDFs. We know lots of you like to use the layout of our classic form, taken from the newspaper, so we’ve added this as a PDF pop-up option on the Pro Card on every race.

Going and Non-RunnerYou could previously navigate to a dedicated going and non-runners page directly from the homepage but we have now incorporated this information into our racecards, where it updates automatically.

What's improved

Runners Index now updates throughout the day to show you the price of each horse (and a bet button), and then the finishing position for that horse once the full result is in.

Compare odds. We’ve simplified the odds comparison view and have listed all prices in a grid to make it easier to read. We’ve also colour-coded the grids: blue shades to show a price shortening, reds to show a price drifting. Our odds come direct from the bookmakers and our service is as fast and reliable as any other out there. We’ve also added Trainer and Jockey details to this view. Click on the Odds tab to access this invaluable information.

Each-way terms are also now carried on every individual card.

What we have moved

Settings. We have moved the old customise card functionality to Settings, which sits in the grey bar at the top of the card. In Settings you have the ability to turn on/off a range of tools and features within the racecard. Once set, we’ll remember your settings when you move through the cards - and when you next return to the site using the same device.

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