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Our responsive jockey profile pages now deliver the easiest experience regardless of which device you’re using: desktop, tablet or mobile. They have been redesigned to automatically adjust to suit the screen you’re viewing on while delivering as much useful data and information as possible.  

 What’s new

  • Simple layout. We’ve combined all of our jockey data into four main tabs: Form, Booked Rides, Horses and Stats.
  • A table providing a statistical summary for the current season is now at the top of every profile. Use the drop-down arrow to view statistical breakdowns for the current Flat and jumps seasons in Britain and Ireland, as applicable to the jockey in question.
  • Sortable Columns for all form lines and statistical tables within jockey profiles give you more control over how you study form. You can now sort form by Date, Course, Finishing Position, Finishing Distance, SP, Trainer, RPR and DIFF (the difference between the RPR the horse recorded and their expected RPR). The column you are currently sorting by is highlighted in blue, with date being the default. 

What’s improved

  • Filtering statistics is now easier. Use the ‘Filter’ button to set how you want to display the data. You can choose from Race Type, Display By (Course, Distance, Trainer, Month, Race Class and Race Type, year), Time Period and Advanced Filter. The default display is by year.
  • Our jockey profiles are now more intuitive, bringing you the most relevant data by default. For example, if a jockey has most rides over jumps in Ireland this will be reflected in the default settings for tables. You can however, change this to suit you by adjusting your preferences.
  • We have also improved Irish Flat filters: enabling you to view turf and all-weather statistics separately or combined, as you can with British form.


What have we moved

  • Stories and Photos tabs have been removed from profiles, as the search functionality on the site now delivers a superior service. Removing these tabs also enabled us to provide more pertinent data to those viewing the site on mobile devices.
  • We have combined both Stats and Big Race Wins under the Stats tab so it’s all accessible in one place.


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